Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope has a lot of meanings to different people. What hope means to me is not giving up in the bad times; It’s holding on to the good. Where we get hope will vary from person to person, story to story. I get my hope by thinking of my future because I want to become a doctor and if i want that i need to be focused. I can live in the now, but also plan and prepare for my future. My hope can be restored by people showing me that they actually truly care and me knowing what I got to do for myself. There will always be challenges, but what threatens my hope is people not being there for me and my plans for the future will may not work out.

In middle school towards the end of 8th grade I closed out everyone that I care for. I did it because I was scared for my future, I was going to high school with no friends. That means I was leaving my friends behind and starting new by myself. I lost hope that I was going to be okay, but what made me regain hope was me thinking about my future. There is just some things I need to do by myself to get stronger and do it for my future that I want. My friends and family helped me realize there is nothing to be scared of and just to focus on what I want in life.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

I didn't really get what the story was saying. I read it over three times and heard it being read 2 times. From what I get is how kids are happy but don't experience cheer. It's also saying if a large number of people treat a situation normal we see it s normal. We do this because we either someone else is handling it or because we see other people not reacting so we feel like there is nothing to react about. In such a closed off community if the majority of people don't react it does become normal. The people in omelas thought the kid locked in the shed is their happiness. Only the "outsiders" will know the right from wrong because they are not from omelas.

social justice

I think social justice is good because we are righting wrongs. If a person has done something wrong we cant let them get away with it because it will be a normal thing. Some prevalent issues are racism, sexism, child welfare etc.
Kimberle Crenshaw: The urgency of intersectionality was the ted talk I choose to watch. It is about how people treat other people different because of their race. What I found interesting about this topic is how this woman applied at a job and she felt like she didn't get the job because she was African American. That job said they hire African Americans and woman; Africans Americans the hire were usually men and the woman they hire were white woman. Kimberle Crenshaw states this happens all the time around the world. She mentioned a lot of unfamiliar deaths of black women. She goes on saying how come their stories don't go to media like how black men's death make media.
Social Justice is sill going on even though it may not be in the media.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to gain control of your free time

This ted talk was about time management. If we asked a busy person that works a full time job and has six children to dust their blinds they would say something like “I can't i am to busy.” If we told them if you dust your blinds you will receive 100,000 dollars we all know they will find time to dust their blinds. By people saying “I don't have time” means it is not a priority. Laura calculated the hours in a day times seven days and it came out to be 168 hours. If a person worked a full time job, 40 hours a week, sleeping 8 hours a night so 56 hours That leaves 72 hours to do other things. We all have time to do everything we need to do, but it is our choice if it is important enough to us and if we will make time for it.

"The Surprising Science of Happiness."

What I found interesting is the data that Gilbert has gathered. He made a chart of winning the lottery or. Paraplegia. We think everyone would pick is winning the lottery, but in reality 50% of people picked winning the lottery and the other half is being paraplegia. What I liked about the data is people who picked paraplegia has an open mind and is willing to find another way of living. They can manage to find a way to be happy. Being paraplegia may have taken longer to be happy, but they are in the end.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

why we agree w McMahon

I agree with McMahon that people should not chase happiness. When you hear him out it actually makes sense. We tend to overthink things and we then become fixed minded on one goal. If we focus on one thing 24/7 we miss the big picture of things. Think if we are trying to be happy everyday we are forcing the issue and it’s not becoming true happiness. That's why McMahon is saying to focus on making others happy or doing something we love. He is saying if we make others happy or doing something that makes us happy we have a higher chance to have happiness. There’s a lot of of articles that have stated do not chase happiness.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


What makes me happy came go from getting in my bed at night all the way to real friends. There's that one question some individuals ask, ¨what is happiness?¨ Even though happiness is very complicated the most simplest way to answer the question is being around the people you love and doing what you love. Being happy is extremely important because everyone deserves to have a true smile on their face. If you´re not happy for a long time that can also impact your health. Being down/mad is not a good feeling. If you want to seek happiness is first cutting off the fake people, negative people and dishonest people even though you might stand alone you need to erase them from your life and restart. You have to be okay and love yourself, find things you love and do them. Stay out of trouble and drama. Be with positive people you love. The whole purpose of seeking happiness is to become a better you and you need to do that by starting fresh. Being surrounded by good positive people gives you inspiration because you can be like them or even better. They can help you and give you advice along the way. Doing what you love is another way to improve you because you can put most of your time into it and not be tire of doing it.
Some people are unhappy because the way they live/ where they live and they don't have positive people to inspire them. They should know they are not the only people in their situation and if they really want to be happy they need to put in the work. Every unhappy person has a chance to become happy and grow at any time of the day and any day.